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The Java Card Form is a collaboration of companies from the smart card, secure operating system, and secure silicon industry, working together to promote and develop Java as the preferred programming language for multi-application smart cards and secure devices. 

The Java Card Forum celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Back in 1997 a small group of smart card companies came together to provide recommendations for specifications to Sun Microsystems for the Java Card platform. The Java Card Forum was formed and together have worked on enhancing the specification to meet the needs of the smart security industry. And after 20 years, their work remains as relevant today as it did back in the 90s, now looking to support new markets such as IoT.

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The impact of Java Card technology yesterday and tomorrow (Press Release)
Safran Identity & Security celebrates 20 years with the Java Card Forum

As a long-standing member, Safran Identity & Security takes part in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Java Card Forum, an industry organization dedicated to promoting and developing interoperable Java Card technology products. Until today, 20 billion Java Cards have been sold, and Java is the most common IT platform worldwide.

“Today we are working in the Java Card Forum on the definition of the next Java Card version, which is aimed at fulfilling the upcoming requirements of new markets, especially in the Internet of Things. We are convinced that Java technology will play a major role in the IoT.”

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The continuing journey of the Java Card Forum

Berlin, 6th February 2017 – The Java Card Forum (JCF) is proud to announce that it is celebrating its 20 year Anniversary in 2017. Back in 1997 a small group of smart card companies came together to form the Java Card Forum, to provide recommendations for the Java Card specification to Sun Microsystems – enhancing the platform to meet the needs of the smart security industry. This led to the publication by Sun (and later Oracle) of several releases of the Java Card specification over the years, effectively delivering Java Card technology’s promise of interoperability, security and multi-application support to the telecoms, IT security and financial services industries. With around 20 billion Java technology based smart cards deployed so far, the Java Card platform can be considered as a tremendous success and is today the most used IT platform in the world. And after 20 years, its work remains as relevant today as it did back in the 90s; now looking to support new markets such as the Internet of Things.

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Remaining relevant after 20 years; The Java Card Forum

By Volker Gerstenberger, President of the Java Card Forum

Volker_G h&s

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Java Card Forum. At first glance one could look at the Java Card Forum as just another industry association but I think it is so much more. Of course, just like any industrial initiative, it was set up to lay down technical groundwork – but it was also there to promote Java Card technology as a whole concept and platform.

Already in the very early days, the commitment to co-operation was quite unique – with several companies coming together to lay down the technical requirements of the first Java Card specification and passing these specifications to a third party who took on the responsibility to drive, test and make ready for market use. This kind of technological breakthrough was based on successful international co-operative standardization, perhaps only surpassed by the success story of GSM and similarly, as GSM has evolved, so has Java Card technology. Both have a similar commitment to succeed with close co-operation.

I am convinced that Java Card technology still has an important role to play and there is an increasing necessity in it providing security for the coming Internet of Things. Having said that – here’s to another 20 years!

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The Java Card Forum’s “Java Card Platform vs Native Cards” Whitepaper is now available for download.

“Java Card technology is widely used in high-end card markets, in which it helps increasing the value of cards through the deployment of value-added services. In these markets, issuers benefit from Java Card technology, and from the experience built over the past 15 years by vendors, in particular around quality and security. In low-end markets, on the opposite, such value-added services are not as common.

We show in this paper that Java Card can be present on such markets, simply by removing the ability to add applications after the issuance of the card. By doing that, issuers can keep most advantages of the Java Card platform, including in particular better time-to-market, as well as the ability to design a range of card platforms in their offers, ranging from a closed platform for mass deployment to a fully open platform for premium customers.”