Java Card Forum


The Java Card Form is a collaboration of companies from the smart card, secure operating system, and secure silicon industry, working together to promote and develop Java as the preferred programming language for multi-application smart cards and secure devices. 


May 2016 – Volker Gerstenberger is elected new President and Business Chair of the JCF

Volker_G h&s
The Java Card Forum (JCF) has announced the appointment of Volker Gerstenberger as the new President of the organisation, as well as head of the Business Committee. He was elected for both posts by the members, to replace the outgoing Bruno Basquin.

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November 2015 – JCF and Oracle hosted Open Day in Beijing

beijing _486_2The JCF and Oracle returned to Beijing 5 years after their first Open Day in China, to provide an update on the 3.0.5 Java Card version and share information on how the technology is helping businesses provide more feature rich services. The event was held on 4th November.

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June 2015 – Oracle releases version 3.0.5 of Java Card Classic edition
The Java Card Forum is proud to announce that following its collaborative work with Oracle, version 3.0.5 of the Java Card Classic Edition has now been released and the development kit + specification are available for download.

“JCF members are happy to support the announcement of the release of Java Card 3.0.5,” explains Bruno Basquin, President of the Java Card Forum. “This new release is the result of the joint work between JCF members representing a large part of the smart card industry and Oracle. In addition to new features in the cryptography and biometry domains, it makes developers’ lives easier by bringing about significant programming simplification.”
“The JCF and Oracle will jointly present the new release in a series of events, the first one being scheduled for November in Beijing, ” adds Basquin. Details about the Beijing event will be available online early Autumn.

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18th March 2014 – Java Card Open Day, Hong KongJCF_Hong_Kong

The Java Card Forum was back in Asia by popular demand, with its one day workshop providing an update on the opportunities that Java Card can offer in the Telecom, ID and Payment sectors. Held on 18th March, the day before CARTES Asia, so that people travelling in to Hong Kong could attend both events.

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December 2013 – Java Card Forum’s first Open Day in Latin America

The JCF has come to Brazil for the first time, to hold one of its popular Open Days. During the Java Card Open Day in Brazil on 10th December, Java Card experts shared successful implementations of the technology and explored future applications, demonstrating the solid credentials of a technology over 15 years in the making.

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The Java Card Forum’s “Java Card Platform vs Native Cards” Whitepaper is now available for download.

“Java Card technology is widely used in high-end card markets, in which it helps increasing the value of cards through the deployment of value-added services. In these markets, issuers benefit from Java Card technology, and from the experience built over the past 15 years by vendors, in particular around quality and security. In low-end markets, on the opposite, such value-added services are not as common.

We show in this paper that Java Card can be present on such markets, simply by removing the ability to add applications after the issuance of the card. By doing that, issuers can keep most advantages of the Java Card platform, including in particular better time-to-market, as well as the ability to design a range of card platforms in their offers, ranging from a closed platform for mass deployment to a fully open platform for premium customers.”

Oracle is proud to announce the Common Criteria Certificate for the Java Card System Open Configuration Protection Profile. It covers the needs of Java Card v2.2 and Java Card 3 Classic Edition for open platforms. This Protection Profile is the evolution of the Java Card System Protection Profile Collection Standard Configuration, and is fully compliant with CC version 3.1, revision 3.