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The Java Card Forum is an industry association of companies from the smart card, secure operating system and secure silicon industry, working together to promote and develop Java as the preferred programming language for multi-application smart cards, secure devices and other execution environments.

Celebrating our 20 Year Anniversary in Munich

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There have been many different posts on the site highlighting our 20 years Anniversary over the last few months, looking at how the JCF and the technology have evolved over the years, but we also felt it was important to celebrate the achievements with the people who made it happen.

Yesterday evening (17th October) we invited past and current members of the Java Card Forum to join together in celebrating the work carried out over the last 20 years; to reminisce about the ‘good times’ and look forward to the next release of the Java Card specification in 2018.

The Celebration Dinner took place in Munich, during one of the bi-annual Plenary sessions, and was held in a typical Bavarian restaurant, ensuring plenty of hearty food, German beer and Lederhosen!

As Volker Gerstenberger, President of the JCF, welcomed old and new members alike to the event, he reminded guests of a few Java Card facts: “Who would have thought back in 1997, that as an industry we would now be producing enough Java Cards per year to supply every man, woman and child on the planet. And that over the years we’ve shipped enough Java Cards to reach to the moon and back nearly 3 times.
With the current work advancing Java Card technology to become the security powerhouse for IoT, I am proud to say the JCF’s contribution remains as relevant today as it was back in the 90s.

Here’s to the next 20 years!

A Toast to Forum members past and present

Members can view more photos here, using the password provided.

Author: Karen B

Karen has been working in the high-tech industry for over 25 years covering system support, event management, corporate publishing and secretariat support for special interest groups. As well as running the UK office, she is the Marketing & Operations Secretariat for the Java Card Forum. She is currently based in the UK.

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