Java Card Forum

The Java Card Forum is an industry association of companies from the smart card, secure operating system and secure silicon industry, working together to promote and develop Java as the preferred programming language for multi-application smart cards, secure devices and other execution environments.

How to Join

Participation in the Java Card Forum is open to companies and organizations with an interest in setting the future direction of Java Card technology.

The JCF is not a developer’s Forum and developers are encouraged to join Oracle’s online community where they can access documentation, share views and ask for assistance.

Membership of the Java Card Forum

Membership of the Java Card Forum may be accorded by the Members to any company that:

  • Endorses Java Card,
  • Commits to using Java Card in its products,
  • Commits to promoting Java Card as its favored solution for dynamic multiple application schemes,
  • Supplies products which embed (or will embed) Java Card API,
  • Has licensed Java Card technology from Oracle,
  • Applies for membership, and
  • Agrees to be bound by the by-laws of the group, including commitments to participate in/support the work of the Java Card Forum. Members of the Java Card Forum have chosen to develop new families of multiple-application products around the Java Card API specification issued by Oracle.

Next Steps

In the first instance, companies interested in joining the Java Card Forum should contact us. You will then receive further information about the application process.