Java Card Forum

The Java Card Forum is an industry association of companies from the smart card, secure operating system and secure silicon industry, working together to promote and develop Java as the preferred programming language for multi-application smart cards, secure devices and other execution environments.

JCF 2022 Webinar Series

The JCF held a Series of 6 Webinars in Q4 of 2022 – you can access all of the presentations and recordings below.

The Java Card Webinar Series will provide you with an exceptional opportunity to discover how Java Card technology could expand your business. This Series will explain:

  • How the Java Card specification fits into the industry standards landscape
  • The role of Java Card technology in Digital Identity Applications
  • How the Java Card platform can be utilized to implement payment and enterprise applications on wearables
  • The role of Java Card technology in smarthome connectivity
  • How Service Providers will be enabled to securely deploy their Java Card service applets on Convergence Products
  • How a Java Card-based Secure Element can be used to improve the security and enforce the authenticity of new transactions added to a blockchain


This Series is key for IoT device developers, IoT security systems architects, product managers, MNOs, application developers and security experts.
During the Series you will be able to interact with our panel of Java Card specialists (including such companies as G+D Mobile Security, IDEMIA, Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Thales and Oracle).

Please note: All presentations/demos are in English


WEBINAR 1: Thursday 3rd November, 9am – 10am CET + 5pm – 6pm CET

How Java Card fits into the SDO landscape (IDEMIA)

Heiko_square_bwPresenter: Heiko Kruse, Head of Technology & Expertise, IDEMIA
Biography: Heiko is responsible for the evaluation of new technologies, strategy development and the representation of IDEMIA in telecoms standardization organizations. Before working in this position, Heiko was Head of the Product Line 3G, Head of Technology Innovation and Standardization and before that Head of Product Management Telecommunications. He has previously held various positions in Product Management, Marketing and Sales at IDEMIA. Before joining IDEMIA he worked for an engineering company in Hamburg as a planning engineer. Heiko holds a university degree in electronic engineering from the University of Bremen, Germany.

Webinar Overview: The webinar will look into the landscape of standardization with a focus on Java Card Technology and where and how it is linked with other standardization organizations.



WEBINAR 2: Tuesday 8th November, 9am – 10am CET + 5pm – 6pm CET

An overview of Digital Identity Applications on Secure Elements/Java Cards (Thales)

Sridharan_square_bwPresenter: Sridharan Sadagopan, R&D Team Lead, Thales
Biography: Sridharan is currently leading an R&D team working on innovative solutions in the fields of Digital Identity, IoT Security and Block chain security. Sridharan holds a master degree in Communication Software and Network from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Presenter: Mourad Faher: Engineer Scientist Fellow, ThalesMourad_square_bw
Mourad has been actively participating in various international standardization bodies such as ISO, ETSI, CEN etc. and contributing to standardization initiatives such as the European Citizen Card (ECC) standardization committee, ISO mDL/mID std (i.e. SC17 WG4, ISO 23220-4) subcommittee and many more. Mourad holds a PhD (Dr., Org. Physical-Chemistry, Information Technology) from Université de Toulouse – SciencesUniversité de Toulouse – Sciences.

Webinar Overview: Secure Elements have been widely used to host Digital Identity Applications and Credentials securely. International specifications (ISO, CEN, ETSI,…) have been developed to support practical implementation of National eIDs, Digital Driving Licenses, ePassports, Digital Travel Credentials, Mobile IDs etc.
Recent EU regulations such as eIDAS 2.0, highlight the importance of users having full control over their own personal identity data. The upcoming eIDAS 2.0 Toolbox would provide technical architecture and a specification of pan European Digital Identity framework, with a possibility of a Secure Element based solution on Mobile. The recent Digital Management Act (DMA) would enable broader accessibility to Secure Elements on all mobile platforms. Java Card Specifications play an important role in ensuring these solutions are developed and deployed in an interoperable way.

This session aims to provide a broad summary of the evolution of Digital Identity Application hosted on Secure Elements / Java Cards and share ongoing initiatives such as ISO std (i.e. SC17 WG4, ISO 23220-4).



WEBINAR 3: Thursday 17th November, 9am – 10am CET + 5pm – 6pm CET

Java Card leverages Wearables (G+D Mobile Security)

Alexander_square_bwPresenter: Alexander Summerer, Director Product Management,  G+D Mobile Security
Biography: Alexander has been working for Giesecke+Devrient since 2007. Currently, he is working as a Director of Product Management. In this role, he is responsible for the enterprise product portfolio including different Java Card based form factors such as fobs, tokens and wearables.


Webinar Overview: This webinar will explain how the Java Card platform can be utilized to implement payment and enterprise applications on wearables in a very flexible and secure way.



WEBINAR 4: Friday 25th November, 9am – 10am CET + 5pm – 6pm CET

Java Card Secure Elements for the Matter enabled Smarthome (Infineon)

Daniel 100 b&wPresenter: Daniel Hübner, System Architect, Infineon
Biography: Daniel is a System Architect for the Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust portfolio. Building on 15 years’ experience in the smartcard industry, he has developed extensive knowledge of the underlying ecosystem. Before his current role, he acted in various product definition roles for eSIM and NFC eSE. Prior to that, he was a support engineer for smartcard solutions in the payment and government domain. As a major semiconductor player, he was named European FAE champion for the NFC reader and connected tag lineup, helping customers with the design and prototyping of NFC antennas. Daniel holds a degree in electrical engineering with a special focus on microelectronics.

Webinar Overview: Matter is a smarthome conectivity standard that aims for interoperability between smart home devices and coming from different vendors. Despite the standard not mandating the use of discrete Secure Elements, there are certain use cases where the usage is very beneficial.

This Webinar shall give a brief introduction into Matter and how Java Card enabled products help to ease the deployment and improve overall security.



WEBINAR 5: Wednesday 30th November, 9am – 10am CET + 5pm – 6pm CET

GSMA SAM: merging new standard technologies to empower the next generation of Convergence Products (STMicroelectronics)

Guido_square_bwPresenter: Guido Abate, Secure Mobile Standards Manager and GSMA eSIMWG3 Chairman, STMicroelectronics
Biography: Guido holds the position of Secure Mobile Standards Manager in STMicroelectronics – Secure Microcontrollers Division (SMD): he is currently coordinating STMicroelectronics standardization efforts in GSMA. Additionally, Guido is currently serving as GSMA eSIMWG3 Chairman, holding this office for the last two terms. Prior to that, he was leading the Cards Product Marketing team in the Secure Microcontrollers Division. Before joining ST, Guido held various positions in Gemalto’s technical marketing and Incard’s Reasearch and Development.

Webinar Overview: Multiple technologies are going to be used in the next generation of eUICC that additionally implement the functions of Secure Elements (SE). Commercially, as well as in this Webinar, such products are referred to as “Convergence Products”. SAM (Secure Applications in Mobile) is a new technology jointly defined by GSMA and GlobalPlatform and is expected to be widely used in Convergence products: in-fact, thanks to SAM, Service Providers will be enabled to securely deploy their Java Card service applets on Convergence Products regardless of the lifecycle and status of the telecom Profiles in the eUICC.



WEBINAR 6:  Wednesday 7th December, 9am CET + 5pm CET

Java Card Integration with Oracle Hyperledger Fabric based Blockchain (Oracle)

Cristian_100 b&wPresenter:  Cristian Valeriu Toma, Senior Software Engineer, Oracle
Biography: Cristian is a Senior Software Engineer at Oracle – Java Platform Group organization and a member of the Bucharest-Romania team within Java Card and Embedded Security Technology field. He has over 17 years of experience with IT technologies and he has been a member of IEEE and GlobalPlatform since 2014. His work focuses on Cyber Security, Java Card, IoT – Internet of Things, Crypto Blockchain, eMbedded and Mobile applications development/computing, Cloud / Fog / Infrastructures Distributed and Parallel computing, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and computational cryptography.

Webinar Overview: The Secure Element can be used to improve the security and enforce the authenticity of new transactions added to a blockchain, which is critical to build trusted D-App (Decentralized App) environments.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate a client application relying on a Secure Element running Java Card to sign transactions for interacting with smart contracts/chain-code and describe the integration into the Hyperledger Fabric v2 from Oracle Blockchain Platform. We will show how a Java Card application can be used to securely store and protect the private keys, sign transactions for invoking the smart contracts, and how it can be adapted to support different schemes or cryptographic protocols.



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